Technology in Buying and Selling Property

The way the newest technology is helping purchase and sell real estate?

Digital technology is reshaping the real estate market. Online marketing has a massive effect on how properties have been sold and bought. Below are a few ways that you can promote your property available to reach a larger audience.


Virtual Reviews have been the norm among brokers, with prospective buyers having the ability to look at drone footage and video-walkthroughs on-the-go on their telephones. Video can readily be shared across social websites generating additional engagement. If you are selling your house, a movie is a fantastic addition to your advertising effort and will help achieve more real estate buyers. Video provides buyers with actual footage they can browse and replay to their leisure and is more informative than a still photograph. Sellers can show more of what their property has to offer by using video.

Improved Online Advertising Options

Online marketing is essential in today’s property marketplace. Ask your broker to explain the different listing tier choices which can be found on the large property portals such as and who hit countless real estate seekers every month. There are more choices that cater to all budgets. Social media also provides a platform for digital marketing where many people can engage and browse properties.

Domain Check-in

This is for real estate buyers. Domain has only introduced Domain Check-in in their program which enables the purchaser to plan their own property reviews for daily and check to avoid having to queue and also supply particulars at each property. A really fantastic tool should for buyers seeing lots of possessions in one day.

Live Auctions

Some brokers are broadcasting their land auctions on social websites for anybody to see. They’re a very helpful tool for the ones that cannot attend auctions, even for the ones that are looking to obtain a clearer idea of how a market works and people wanting to find out what an auction involves and the price of a property. This also allows overseas and interstate buyers to participate without incurring travel time and costs.

Augmented Reality

Perfect for off-the-plan improvements, realtors are using virtual reality to allow buyers to experience the way recently developed apartments will seem. It permits them to walk through the flat. The technologies could be retrieved on smartphones and tablets with the usage of a virtual reality headset. Prospective buyers can experience the property in real time and navigate throughout using virtual reality. Many real estate companies are investing in such technologies to improve options and experiences for clients.

Digital Signboards

All these are available in the marketplace for a little while, but their costs have begun to come down which makes them accessible for house owners. These electronic displays sit out of your house like a standard signboard but might incorporate video articles, picture galleries, and floorplans to provide passers-by more info on your own premises. These digital signboards a highly visible at night time and attract more viewers than traditional sign boards.

Top Quality Pictures

The advancement of cameras and other photography equipment has meant that images are now super high quality, providing the buyer with an adequate picture of the property.

Real Estate Apps and Online Platforms

There are multiple apps in the marketplace that are super informative for buyers. Other online property sales platforms offer innovative services such as no agent property sales where sellers can save a lot of money in fees and commission. The internet and technology have really elevated the way in which property is bought and sold and it no longer comes down to the humble auction.

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