The best gaming gear for your home

One might definitely argue that gaming gear works best for your home, but in terms of what kind of gear you need – it actually comes down to personal preferences. It is because, gaming, at the end of the day, is all about comfort. The same thing goes for phone accessories – some people like to use a phone cover, while others don’t. Some like to have a pop socket on their phone, while others hate it. 

There are many professional gamers who like playing their tournaments on old keyboards and mouse. But there are certain things that you can upgrade to ensure you stay ahead of your competition at all times. They typically include the PC, Mouse and Controllers. 

Let us have a look at some of the best gaming gear you can have for your home:

  • Kingston HyperX Cloud Alpha 

Headphones are arguably one of the most important gaming gears to have, because it not only helps in hearing the opponents but also in communication which can make a difference between a win or a loss, in many cases. The HyperX Cloud has some of the best reviews from top gamers across the Internet, it is designed to completely isolate the sound from the outside world to provide you an immersive experience. The microphone is detachable and high – quality as well. Some of the standard specs of the product include, 15 – 25K Hz frequency responses and 53 mm drivers.


  • Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum 

Having a great mouse can increase the fluidity and accuracy in your gaming movements, the overall feel for it can also influence how well you perform in the game. Logitech which is the producer of one of the best mouse in the world has released the G900 which has 8 buttons, all customizable. You have the option to use it as a wireless mouse or a wired mouse depending on the latency of the movement you prefer. 


  • Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2

Moving on to the gaming keyboard, it is of no doubt that the Razer Mechanical Switches are some of the best in the market. According to the claim by the company, one can get up to 80 million keystrokes with a single key. The responsiveness of the award – winning keyboard is second to none, and the ergonomics of the keyboard structure and keys ensure that the user can play comfortably for a longer period of time without risking wrist–pain. 


  • Corsair One 

You cannot invest in the best accessories if you do not have a great computer to go with it. The Corsair PC are known for being super–quiet even while rendering high–intensity games, and they are ready for both 4K and VR Ready. Depending on the model chosen, it has 16GB of RAM, and a processor with i7 and clocking frequency of 3GHz+. This PC is going to be ahead of the curve not only in the present, but for a long period to come. 


  • HP Omen 

If you do not prefer playing on a desktop, or you like gaming on the go, then it is best to have a gaming laptop. If you’re considering getting a laptop, HP Omen will definitely come on the list and this laptop can even compete the best PC’s in terms of capabilities. You can choose between specific screen sizes, processors, videocard and also upgrade the hard–disk depending on how much gaming you do. 

So, there you go! These are some of the best gaming things you can have for your home. There are many other available in the market for affordable prices and if you are looking to overhaul for your home for a gaming feel, consider the products mentioned above. If you are a professional gamer – you might want to check out PAX in your city

How a WI-FI works.

Most computer users understand little about how Wi-Fi operates. Wi-Fi is a popular technology that offers interconnectivity between devices. Way to connect to the world wide web, since for many people it is the network that they use at home or in the office,” says Wi-Fi Alliance CEO Edgar Figueroa. “But, Wi-Fi has evolved and today it is a replacement for many distinct cables like video cables, audio cables, USB cables.”
Wi-Fi carries radio waves, and it’s a bit more complicated than your automobile stereo. Wi-fi is different than the FM in someone’s car; it is basically two radios communicating back and forth that uses a much lower frequency with shorter distance. Both radios allow web users to get data from the web in addition to upload info — even simply submitting addresses through your browser counts in this two-way communicating.

Another way Wi-Fi is much more sophisticated than terrestrial Radio is the fact that it uses the Internet Protocol to convey. This language of the web makes Wi-Fi very resilient and very organized. “It requires a whole lot of investment and orchestration.” Imagine rather than sending data; you are shipping a package throughout the world with request for shipping confirmation says, Figueroa. That is exactly what the Internet Protocol is similar to; only it applies to each and every byte transmitted.
According to physics, the lower the frequency, the further a transmission can proceed. With Wi-Fi, 2.4 gigahertz is the reduced frequency so that it can reach computers located further away than compared to 5 gigahertz band can. But five gigahertz deliver the capability to carry more transmissions. “Imagine if you had a highway which went really far but it was just a one-lane street,” says Figueroa describing 2.4 gigahertz Wi-Fi. By comparison, five gigahertz Wi-Fi is a highway which does not go as far, but it provides six lanes, so it could make traffic move faster.
“Five gigahertz Wi-Fi provides enough coverage concerning area it may cover the whole house,” he says. “So, for many people, space isn’t really as much of a problem as the rate.”
But ever since the era of cordless telephones, people have had the issue continues now with neighbours and their Wi-Fi networks. One way to avoid this is by placing your frequency to broadcast on a specific channel. While this sounds technical, it is not. And five gigahertz networks have a lot more stations than networks broadcast on the 2.4 gigahertz frequencies, another reason to use the new standard if you’re able to.

Network is a much better idea than just installing a network extender. “Network extenders are gaining popularity,” says Figueroa. “They are repeaters, so that they take what could be a faint signal coming from upstairs to the downstairs surroundings and then, basically, they are repeating that sign.” However, the problem with those extenders is they propel an already weak signal. Thus, in case your Wi-fi is transmitting at half-speed that it should, the extender will duplicate that sign, pushing out an even weaker signal. An individual standing right next to the extender will have full network as he/she might have a powerful signal but the internet speed is still slow and poor.

Wi-Fi also has a variety of security features. To access the network, users need a password for WPA2, also called Wi-Fi Protected Access (the two represents the fact that this attribute is in its second generation). There is another safety feature called Advanced Encryption Standard (better called AES) that was designed from the U.S. government to keep data secure as it transports from one device to another.

It is backwards compatible. This is how all your older computers can Connect to your brand new, super-fast routers. Nowadays, it works for this device you might have purchased back in 2000,” says Figueroa. “There are not too many technologies which you could say that about.”